About the Author

Wendy K. Williamson graduated from Virginia Tech and after a decade in corporate America, penned her memoir, I'm Not Crazy Just Bipolar, a story of healing and hope (AuthorHouse, 2010). It went on to gather praise from Publisher's Weekly and remains a fan favorite today. The author's second book, Two Bipolar Chicks Guide to Survival: Tips for Living With Bipolar Disorder, was written with author Honora Rose (Post Hill Press, 2014).

Wendy has written for: The Huffington Post, BPHope.com, Bipolar for Dummies: 2nd & 3rd Edition, BP Magazine and The Two River Times. Her books have been reviewed by: Publisher's Weekly, The Advocate, Wego Health, The Shreveport Times and The International Bipolar Foundation. The author enjoys connecting to her audience by speaking on the radio, in front of an audience keynote speaking at conventions and in smaller, intimate settings at state and local levels. She loves working with new writers and is the founder of The Red Bank Writers Group. 

Wendy lives in NJ with her partner and two kitties, wearing out laptops to stay sane.

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